Design Your Banner

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First Step

Decide what size you want the banner. The banners come in whole foot sizes starting at 2 foot by 2 foot and can only be square or rectangle in shape.


Second Step

Decide what style you want the banner in. You can start by viewing the samples on my web site and if you do not see any you like there, you can view the ones I have made under the different calendar year. If you still have not found something you like that I have done, you can send me an image of a banner/poster that you have found on the internet and I will try to match it. When you list your selection include where you got your choice for example: 1 from Samples or Wilbur from 2015.


Third Step

Decide what you which images you want me to use of you. If your banner is going to have only one image then you will need to select which one you want me to use. Again you will need to go to my web site and select the image you want me to use. If your banner is going to have two images then you need to select the main image (or larger image) and the background image. Using only one image means that image will be larger than if you use two images. Please use the image number and not try to copy and paste the image.

Main Image:

Background Image:

Additional Information

If you want a certain style, but want a different image of a mascot or a different color trim or band around the banner or anything else that is different from what you selected. Please let me know in the comment section below.